AQUA CITY – A modern green living dream within reach

Green living, clean living is a trend that many people are interested in recently with the trends of using organic food, reducing plastic waste, meditating yoga… and looking for a space to live close to nature every day. day. Is the wish of “living in harmony with nature” easy to realize in big cities like HCMC?

1. Want to live green to live healthy both physically and mentally

Present at the recent Aqua City project introduction event, Ms. Thanh Huyen, District 3, HCMC shared: “I have always dreamed of living in a place where I can stay away from noisy, crowded things, where I can exercise every day, sit and sip tea, watch the peaceful nature, where my children can walk home after school, there are activities close to nature, but also easily enjoy modern facilities suitable for their age”.

For Mr. Dang Viet Cuong, a pharmacist living in Thu Duc, he likes to live in green cities so that “the family can have good mental and physical health, reduce diseases, reduce the risk of death from consequences of environmental pollution”.

Aqua City và cuộc sống xanh

He said, many studies around the world show that people who live near nature will feel happier, prevent and improve diseases, such as preventing asthma, improving heart health, reducing obesity. , enhance memory, improve Alzheimer’s symptoms, regulate diabetes, improve attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children, help reduce symptoms of autism…

What’s more, according to a recent study by Danish scientists, published in the journal PNAS, there is a link between green space and a reduced risk of mental illnesses with a ratio of up to 55 years. %.

However, according to Mr. Cuong, it is not easy to live green in a place like Ho Chi Minh City.

2. The dream of living green in a modern city

The report of DKRA Vietnam Joint Stock Company – a real estate survey and consulting company shows that housing in Ho Chi Minh City has the highest price increase margin in the country. After 5 years, the price of apartments increased by 54 – 67%. While land plots in many areas increased by 50%, in some areas the price increased by 130-170%.

Ms. Thao Trang, a textile businesswoman, said that last year, bored with the cramped streets, she moved from Tan Binh to District 12. With 8 billion VND, she could only buy a 3-storey house with an area of ​​​​5mx18m. “Compared to the old house, this place is better, but I still don’t feel “already”. It’s okay to live temporarily, but in the long run, I want my place to be greener and fresher,” she said. And she said that she “dotted” a detached villa of the Aqua City ecological urban project to relax when her two children went to study abroad.


The project also devotes a lot of enthusiasm in using technology applications to protect the environment such as using solar energy for public utilities, an environmentally friendly waste collection and classification system…

Aqua City has many choices with reasonable investment to “realize” the green living dream of urban residents with long-term ownership products such as shophouses, townhouses, detached villas, villas, and villas. duplex villa. With just less than 1 billion VND initially, anyone can easily own a modern green nest for themselves.

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