Event of Vietnam Brand Day 20/04/2022

April 20 every year is chosen as Vietnam Brand Day in order to recognize and promote Vietnamese brands and images, and at the same time unite and mobilize the enthusiasm of industries, levels and the business community. Especially with the national brands of Vietnam in general.

The National Brand Program (THN) is a specific and long-term trade promotion program of the Government, approved by the Prime Minister under Decision No. 253/2003/QD-TTg and assigned to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. presently. The permanent establishment is responsible for coordinating with ministries and branches to build and enhance the image of Vietnam as a country with high-quality goods and services, build a reputation, and enhance the image of Vietnam. , improving the competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises in domestic and foreign markets. three options of the plan The core criterion is QUALITY – INNOVATION, CREATIVITY – PEARLING CAPACITY.

Quang cảnh sự kiện ngày thương hiệu
Brand day event scene

Landmark Property Company is honored to have Chairman of the Board Le Anh Tai, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Nguyen Thi Minh Tam, General Director Pham Ngoc Luyen were invited to participate in the event. This is also a golden milestone in the whole development process of Landmark Property. And also the best evidence for development even during the raging COVID-19 epidemic, Landmark Property always tries to restore and promote business, contributing to enhancing the value, brand and image of Vietnam.

Ban lãnh đạo Công ty Landmark Property vinh dự tham gia sự kiện ngày thương hiệu Việt Nam 2022
The leadership of Landmark Property Company is honored to participate in the event of Vietnam Brand Day 2022

At the program, the organizers awarded trophies and honorary diplomas to ambassadors of various fields; awarding the Gold Brand Award to businesses that have made efforts and succeeded in building product brands; honoring new-age entrepreneurs…

In which, Landmark Property Company was honored with the “Golden Brand” award. The award is the crystallization of Landmark Property’s relentless efforts to affirm the company’s brand together with its partners and the brand and image of Vietnam.

Công ty Landmark Property được vinh danh trao giải “Thương Hiệu Vàng”.
Landmark Property Company was honored with the “Golden Brand” award

In the context of the epidemic, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also implemented trade promotion forms suitable to the situation to support businesses such as coordinating with international trade promotion organizations to organize international trade conferences. online to connect with potential customers, exchange directly with customers on e-commerce platforms, creating an important initial basis for businesses to continue subsequent transactions.

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