Experience the bustling Tet atmosphere at the Masteri Center Point model house

The Masteri Center Point model house in the last days of the year is full of color. The traditional New Year’s Day is getting closer and closer to us – and to celebrate the new year 2021 with a lot of prosperity and luck, the project owner  Masteri Center Point  wishes to bring a bit of a warm, spring-filled spring space. happiness to all customers – the future residents of this project. The  Masteri Center Point model house  has been decorated in a very bright and colorful way for the new year, ready for customers to visit at the end of the year.

1. Model house

Model house  Masteri Center Point is built by the investor Masterise Homes Group in  An Phu ward, district 2. Project location is in the center Vinhomes Grand Park – The first smart city in the East (district) 9).

Mẫu thiết kế nhà

The model house is diversely designed with 2-3 bedrooms to help visitors easily make the right choice for themselves. The model houses at the Masteri Center Point apartment are all tiled with high-class tile floors from the living room, dining room to the kitchen, toilet, and drying yard. The bedrooms in the apartment are lined with high quality wooden floors with elegant colors. The ceiling is covered with plaster and waterproof paint, the main door systems and the doors in the house are equipped with full locks. The appliances in the kitchen and toilet are fully equipped with wooden sinks, high-class stone countertops, faucets and mirrors are also fully equipped.

Tết xưa

Come with your family to visit and experience the model house Masteri Center Point with special activities themed“Tet La Home”.

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