Landmark Property Company presents cars to excellent senior leaders – Remuneration for talents for long-term commitment

We, Landmark Property Company, always recognize and deeply appreciate the contributions, great dedication and efforts as well as the constant efforts of the company’s employees. Therefore, we always create the best policies and incentives, and giving cars to senior employees is also a worthy and worthy incentive for an excellent and long-time employee of the company.

On April 19, 2022, the leadership of Landmark Property Company presented a Peugeot car to Mr. Pham Ngoc Luyen, General Director of the Company.
Mr. Pham Ngoc Luyen as General Director has been with Landmark Property for 12 years of construction and development of the company. From the very first day of its establishment, it was full of difficulties and deprivations to this day, when Landmark Property is developing strongly. Along with his sense of responsibility, determination and talent, he has contributed significantly to the development of Landmark Property Company.

Anh Lê Anh Tài, Chủ tịch HĐQT trao tặng ô tô Peugeo cho anh Phạm Ngọc Luyện nhân viên suất sắc và gắn bó với công ty
Mr. Le Anh Tai, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Tam, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors presented Peugeot cars to Mr. Pham Ngoc Luyen, an excellent and loyal employee of the company.

Because to thank all contributions and efforts of Mr. Pham Ngoc Luyen for the company, contributing to the strong development of the company. The company’s leadership decided to award Peugeot cars with billions of dong to honor and praise the personal example of excellent achievements, best efforts at work and long-term attachment to the development of the Company. company. And at the same time, this is also encouraging the working spirit and attachment of the company’s employees.

Cùng nhân viên công ty chúc mừng

This is really a precious gift that not only shows the material value but also sends the message that Landmark Property Company always recognizes your dedication if you stay here and give it back. The award is committed and expected by the company’s management every year and aims to find individuals with high performance in working results.

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