Phoenix Island is a prominent subdivision in Aqua City urban area

Phoenix Island is one of the new and most prominent subdivisions in Aqua City urban area. Possessing the advantage of a primeval natural island, surrounded by green rivers on all four sides, it will definitely bring many feng shui and prosperity values ​​to customers. It is very rare to find a similar 2nd place.

Developed by the prestigious investment group Novaland, Phuong Hoang Island has a modern architectural style towards simplicity and elegance in every small detail, color, line and shape. Thereby forming a harmonious living space, catching all the energy bestowed by nature. Join us to find out more information about the project through the article below.

1. Overview of the Phoenix Island subdivision

Phoenix Island is located in the most beautiful prime location of the Aqua City project, nestled in the heart of 10,000 km of fresh green riverbanks and especially attributed to the unique privileges of nature. All bring eco-standard luxury resort life every day.

Tổng quan Đảo Phượng Hoàng

  • Subdivision name: Phoenix Island (Phoenix South).
  • Location: In Tam Phuoc Ward, City. Bien Hoa Dong Nai.
  • Investor: Novaland Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company.
  • Operation and development: Novaland Group.
  • Total area: 286 hectares with 2000 products.
  • Building density: 30.27%.
  • Type of investment: Townhouse, shophouse, detached villa, duplex villa.
  • Project scale: Including 04 main subdivisions: Phoenix South, Phoenix North, Phoenix West and Phoenix Central.
  • Internal utilities: Restaurant system, commercial center, children’s play area, park, SkyView overflow
  • swimming pool on the 20th floor, Bowling area, gym, VIP reception room.
  • Commencement: In 2019.
  • Handover: 2025 (Finish the outside and rough inside).
  • Legal: Pink book for each background, long-term ownership.
  • Ownership form: Foreigners for 50 years according to current law, Vietnamese people with long-term pink books.

2. Plan and divergent design Phoenix Island

The design of Phoenix Island is inspired by the timeless beauty of the neoclassical architectural style combined with the optimal design of the usable area and especially in harmony with nature. Therefore, the products provided at Phuong Hoang Island are not only a perfect resort space but also a symbol of an elegant and harmonious lifestyle with nature.

The infrastructure is synchronously designed, with a variety of high-class facilities to fully serve the living needs of the whole family such as amusement parks, school systems, commercial centers, riverside parks. , indoor and outdoor sports areas, etc. In which, the riverside park is the place for the development of the natural ecosystem to balance the temperature, purify the air and create coolness.

Đảo Phượng Hoàng

Thus, the Phuong Hoang Island project is an attractive subdivision that is open for sale with many opportunities for customers who have investment needs and settle down. Hope the article has brought the most useful knowledge.

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