Imperia Grand Plaza


Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa Long An

  • Trade names: • Imperia Grand Plaza
  • Location: • Hau Nghia commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An province.
  • Investor: • MIK Group
  • The number of products: • 426 products
  • General contractor for construction: • Vina2
  • Area: • 11ha
  • Utilities: • Commercial center, golf course, club house, …
  • Building density: • 64%
  • Product Type: • Adjacent townhouses, commercial townhouses,…
  • Commencement / expected handover: • 2021-2023
  • Estimated selling price: • From 7-10 billion/unit
  • Juridical: • Long-term ownership


Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa Long An

Location is one of the important factors affirming the value and profit potential of a real estate product. This is also the competitive advantage of Shophouse Imperia Grand Plaza when:

  • All products are located on the extended 3/2 road, the largest 30m wide road in Hau Nghia town, Duc Hoa. In the future, it will be the lifeline of Duc Hoa, where mainly business, commercial and service activities of Duc Hoa will be concentrated.
  • The main road goes into the new urban area project with a scale of nearly 200 hectares, promising to become a service center of Duc Hoa with a series of outstanding facilities.
  • Under 1 Km: Headquarters of Duc Hoa District People’s Committee, Bau Trai Market, Vo Tan Do Park, Xuyen A Hospital, Banks, Schools & Vocational Colleges,…
  • From 1 – 3 Km: Headquarters of Hau Nghia Town People’s Committee, Police Headquarters/Medical Center of Duc Hoa District, Duc Lap Market, Schools & Continuing Education Center,…
  • Shophouse Imperia Grand Plaza owns outstanding profit potential from its beautiful location and the advantage to meet the “thirst” of high-class commercial real estate – The first modern and methodically planned commercial street in Duc Hoa.
  • In addition, the limited quantity of just over 400 investment positions brings scarcity and confirms the long-term value of MIK Group’s Shophouse Imperia Grand Plaza products.

Shophouse's potential Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa inherited?

Long An in general and Duc Hoa district will have outstanding economic development resilience, the real estate market will benefit, facing the opportunity to make a strong breakthrough, attracting many worthy projects in the region.

In particular, the information about the planning of Duc Hoa to become a grade 3 urban area and the establishment of “Duc Hoa City” under the province is a positive signal that helps to add a breakthrough to the real estate market here.

In addition, the recent spending of nearly 30,000 billion on strong infrastructure development, plus the low price ground and strategic location connecting Ho Chi Minh City with the Mekong Delta have helped Long An. in general and the Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa Long An project in particular will receive special attention from investors, contributing to changing the economic face of the whole region.


Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa Long An

MIK is a large and reputable investor specializing in luxury real estate, having built many famous projects such as the 5-star Mövenpick Resort Phu Quoc, The Matrix One Hanoi building. With a limited number of apartments per project, it creates scarcity. Prestigious investor in construction progress, complete project legal.

This is the center of many projects from big investors like Sun Group, especially Vinhomes 197ha, which has a 1/500 plan and is closing the construction contractor. Plus the support policy from the investor 0% interest rate for 1 year, 24-month principal grace period with the sponsorship from Vpbank.

These two factors are important keys to help investors only have to spend a moderate amount of initial capital but can quickly multiply 2, 3 times investment capital in a short time.

Imperial Grand Plaza connects the utility chain outside the existing area, perfectly and quickly!

Not only owns spectacular internal facilities, but Imperial Grand Plaza is also located around many large projects and large industrial parks such as: Long Hiep Industrial Park, Binh Nhut Industrial Park, … And Bourbon International Port . In particular, the “financial” streets focus on headquarters, bank branches, commercial centers, large and small supermarkets (Co.op Mark, Cho Lon electronics, Dien May Xanh, Mobile World). ,…), frontline hospitals such as Tan Tao General Hospital, etc.

In addition, from the Imperial Grand Plaza project, it is also convenient to connect with entertainment, discovery and tourism areas such as Lang Le Bau Co, Bach Thao Park, Phuoc Loc Tho Ancient Village, …

Outstanding utilities to meet demand

According to the plan, Duc Hoa will move to a town in 2025 and a city in 2030, with dynamic development and rapidly growing infrastructure, this area is in dire need of a space to live, play, and have fun. full range of utility services to develop into a modern urban area.

The project spends a large land fund to develop a system of utilities for residents to experience and play, such as theme parks, community living areas, unique designed Shophouse with multi-sectors from cuisine, hotels fashion, accessories,…

▸A place for free shopping with trendy, stylish fashion stores.
▸ A place to experience dining at exquisite culinary stores.
▸ Unlimited enjoyment Unique architectural design & unique check-in points.
▸ A place to relax and enjoy Green and colorful spaces from 2 impressive theme parks.

→ Shophouse area is both planned to become a multi-industry commercial and service area serving the needs of residents, and has entertainment facilities to attract people to come, so it is easy to exploit the business. business, rental combined to live.


Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa Long An

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Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa Long An


Street West

European inspired class


Center Street

Eurasian interference identity


Street East

Asian architectural style East


Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa residential area is synchronously planned, the infrastructure items of lights, electricity, underground water system are accelerated, the roads are stoned and the trenches are carried out. the system is restarted.


Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa Long An

  • Bank support for 80% loan for 25 years
  • Support 0% interest 12 months
  • Indo rootbit up to 24 month
  • Up to 6.5% discount for early payment customers

Payment progress:

  • Deposit: 100 million VND
  • Phase 1: 10% sign the written agreement (7 days after signing the resettlement agreement)
  • Phase 2: 70% – 30 days after signing the Document (Disbursement Bank)
  • Phase 3: 15% – 60 days after signing VBTT
  • Phase 4: 5% upon receipt of LURC

In addition to general information, I also have 2 “top secret” news, especially beneficial for customers. However, it cannot be made publicly available to everyone. If you are really interested, please call me directly to discuss details.


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Duc Hoa - Long An

In the extended poles of the city. Ho Chi Minh City, Northwest region. Ho Chi Minh City is currently being evaluated as an ideal investment land due to the convergence of factors: competitive price, complete infrastructure, great profit potential from planning information & future economic development.


▸ City Expressway. HCM – Trung Luong
▸ Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway
▸ Provincial roads DT9, DT10, DT23, DT24, DT25, DT30,… Connecting to National Highway 1A, National Highway 22 to help move between the city. Ho Chi Minh City and the western provinces become fast and convenient.


East Saigon prices have been high for many years, investors are moving to the Northwest Saigon urban area where in the near future there will be a series of good news from the infrastructure.


Becoming a satellite town of the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, focusing on infrastructure investment, industry – service development, therefore, Imperia Grand Plaza shophouse area will lead the trend of owning townhouses and shophouses in the northwest urban center of Ho Chi Minh City.

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