Recruitment of profile and contract staff

Job description

  • Support after-sales work: Receive documents from partners, provide documents to the Investor,…
  • Update price list, sales policy to check profile information.
  • Specialized in charge of high-end projects of Novaland and other investors.
  • Manage customer information, provide timely and complete information for IH sales as well as partners and investors.

Job requirements

  • Has good looks and good communication skills.
  • Have a good grasp and understanding of Novaland’s project product sales process.
  • Mastering and understanding Civil Law and Land Law.
  • Prioritize carefully about numbers and data.

Salary and benefits

  • Negotiable salary, 13th month salary, KPI bonus, Tet bonus.
  • Travel, relaxation, dynamic and friendly working environment.
  • Other modes: Birthday, filial piety, Mid-Autumn Festival, …
  • Social insurance, statutory leave.

Address and contact

Please send your CV to email address: or contact: 0907666615

Working place: 16th Floor, Metro Tower Building, 667 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

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