Venezia Beach is a successful world looking for a new way of life

In the near future, the resort capital of the South will receive a HomeResort-style work for the first time on the market.

The report of consulting firm Knight Frank predicts that the frequency of rich people in Vietnam will increase by 26% in the next 5 years. “We expect Vietnam to become one of the focus points of this report in the coming years based on the economic background as well as the increasing position of Vietnam in the international market,” said Mr. Alex. Crane, CEO of Knight Frank Vietnam said

Bình yên sang trọng cùng Venezia Beach

1. Trend of “Wellness Luxury” Living

The luxury market serving the elite is expected to accelerate as the rich in Vietnam increasingly have a taste for enjoyment closer to world standards. This means that the requirements for living space are becoming more and more stringent.

It is not only a place to meet standards but also to bring relaxation, happiness or projects that must possess 5-star facilities, expensive views and artistic architectural style.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the trend of comprehensive health care, wellness luxury with the unique style of HomeResort.

Although it has been developing in the world for a long time, this trend has only received more attention in the Vietnamese market since the pandemic.

Successful businessmen, elites, politicians, artists… are increasingly interested in hunting for marine real estate products with unique and high-class elements, close to nature, where there are primeval forests, close to the sea. rivers, lakes, canals in front of the house…. meet the needs of health, passion for a peaceful and happy life.

The tourism – resort market is therefore witnessing great changes to adapt to the increasing demands of customers.

2. Experience the Homeresort living space in Venezia Beach

For the first time in the southern tourist capital, real estate developer Hung Vuong Developer has launched a HomeResort-style urban marine real estate product line called Venezia Beach. Not only having an expensive location, the project is also a place where all 10 types of Wellness Luxury converge to bring a happy and relaxed life to successful owners.

Venezia Beach thừa hưởng

The highlight of Venezia Beach is the resort space created based on 6 forms of Wellness luxury: It is a healthy lifestyle, blended with the original nature of the forest – sea and enjoying urban amenities. multi-experience; Live in peace in the compound completely separated from the outside; Space to stimulate creativity through a series of interesting recreational and sports activities; A place of spiritual practice to help owners separate from busy life to find self, awakening; A place to nurture emotions through architectural language and 16 colorful utility clusters; It is also a convergence of elites, possessing the same life style and personality.

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