What is outstanding about Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa project?

The project site  Imeria Grand Plaza Duc Hoa  is delicately designed along with an impressive space-building style. Those are the basic summaries when it comes to project premises. Mikgroup investor after many successful projects that created great resonance, now, project Imeria Grand Plaza Duc Hoa is a product of accumulated experience. So, how is Imperia Grand Plaza Long An arranged specifically? What’s special about the master plan of the whole area, let’s find out the details of Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa project with our team through the article below.

1. Floor plan details

Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa project is located right in the center of Hau Nghia town with a scale of 11.3ha including 3 subdivisions:  Eastern Street – Central Street – West Street. Thereby, supplying to the market Long An townhouse 426 products. The whole area is invested and designed methodically and is positioned to become the most classy commercial street in the center of Duc Hoa City.

Going from the center of Hau Nghia town to the project, we will encounter  Western Street with  105 shophouses with the quintessence of European Neoclassical architecture. European-style design – Neoclassical has now been creating luxury for living space, preferred by the majority of owners to design. They not only bring high aesthetics and luxurious beauty to the works, but they also have attractiveness, attracting people to experience.

Imperia Grand Plaza Đức Hòa minh họa

Most colors will not be used too much. Mainly combines modern styles, using only one main color and natural soft colors. Do not take color as the main point, but only use color as a background for the highlight of the pattern and texture.

Immediately following is  Central Street, where 154 shophouses are distilled the most unique features of  Asia-European style. With the architecture is considered a harmonious blend between the nostalgic beauty of the East Asian tradition and the romantic style of France. The harmonious combination between the two identities brings a new architectural feature, in line with the aesthetic point of view.

Phố Tây

The final destination in the journey that will knock on the door of  Pu Dong  is 96 shophouses full of identity when depicting a different Asian neighborhood  with a bustling and exciting rhythm. In particular, Pudong covers Sun Park, creating an unprecedented shopping and entertainment space. Shophouses are distilled with the most delicate and typical lines of the ancient East, Pu Dong appears both traditional and modern, close and new, as if igniting the fresh vitality between familiar things.

Imperia Grand Plaza Đức Hòa

It can be seen that, “Mikgroup investor” always pays attention in creating the most appropriate and synchronous way to create the “ground floor of Imperia Grand Plaza Duc Hoa” project. Duc Hoa commercial street project deserves to be the ideal choice, a preeminent place to stop.

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